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Our guided fishing trips are offered for the entire Texas upper coast.  "Home base" is considered West Galveston Bay, however I offer trips from Matagorda Bay all the way to Sabine Lake and everything in between (Freeport Area, Christmas Bay, Chocolate Bay, West Galveston Bay, Galveston proper, Dickinson, Trinity, East and Sabine). Please take the time to look at the various trips and pricing structures below to get a feeling for everything that is offered. If you're a parent looking to get your kids on the water, special rates are available for families.

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Half- and full-day kayak fishing

Half-day rates up to 3 people (3-5 hrs)
1 person - $350
2 people - $400

3 people - $450
Children under 12 fish free

Full-day rates up to 3 people (6-8 hrs)
1 person - $450
2 people - $500

3 people - $550

Children under 12 fish free

"After Hours" and "Intro" kayak trips

After Hours - 1 person - $250

These trips are short (3 hours) and aimed at weekday evenings after work. Many of the prime fishing windows (based on lunar phase, tide, winds, temperatures, etc.) come during the week. Boat traffic and fishing pressure are also at their lowest points during the work week. If you want to be on the water at the absolute BEST time for targeting trophy fish, an after hours trip is a great way to do it. 


Intro to Kayak Fishing - 1 person - $250

This 3-hour trip is geared towards beginning kayakers and "out-of-towners". If you want to learn more about local launch spots, seasonal patterns and techniques, this trip is for you. 

Boat trips 

Half-day rates up to 3 people (3-5 hrs)

1 person- $500

2 people - $550

3 people - $600

Full-day rates up to 3 people (6-8 hrs)

1 person - $600

2 people - $650

3 people - $700

For all boating trips, we will provide:

- rods/tackle

- live bait

- life jackets

- fish cleaning

- drinks (water & gatorade)

For all fishing trips, we can provide:

- kayak/paddling gear (life jacket, whistle, 360 light)

- lures/tackle

- fishing rods/reels

- fish cleaning, if you're keeping fish (live release of healthy trout over 25" is strongly encouraged)

- live/dead bait can be provided for an additional fee




You should bring:

- favorite rod/reel, if you have one

- any specific tackle/confidence lures you prefer (we will provide tackle and lures as well)

- sunscreen, sunglasses, (preferably polarized), hat

- food and drinks

- a cooler for transporting fish/filets if you plan on taking any home

- any medications you may need

- towels

- rain gear, because you never know

- a change of clothes for the ride home is always nice


Please dress accordingly. Long sleeves and pants will protect you from the sun. Face buffs and sun gloves are also helpful.

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